January 25, 2011

Jersey Shore Drinking Game (Season 3 Update)

Ok sorry for the delay but here are the rules i have added to the original jersey shore drinking game to keep it fun for season 2 and 3!

first off if you missed my old post here are the original rules i had:

First of all you have to start the game by watching the cast intros in the first episode every time it will definitely set the mood! after you have been introduced to each cast member you can go watch whatever episode you want.

While watching the show you must take a drink from your beer or mixed beverage every time someone:
Fist Pumps
Says "Guido" or "Guidette"
When Pauly is doing or fixing his hair
When Mike says "The Situation"
Anytime a guy has his shirt off
Anytime a girl is in a bikini top
Every time anything Ed Hardy is shown
Every time someone is working out
Every time there is a fight
Every time a girl gets hit you drink twice (if i girl gets hit you also drink for the fight so a total of 3 drinks)
You take one drink for every family member or friend that comes to visit (so when Snookies mom came to visit her that is one drink but when Vinny's family came its one per each person...)
When a girl is crying
And when Ronnie laughs

drink whenever Mike and Pauly bring a girl home (drink for each girl)

and the new rules we have added(so far) are:

drink everytime the "Cabs are here!!"
everytime "iiittt's tteeee shiiirrrttt tttiimmmeeeeeee!!!"
wherever someone refer's to them self or someone else as a "meatball"
everytime deena says "blast in a glass" or claims to be like a holiday
everytime mike turns deena down
everytime sam acts like a stuck up bitch
and everytime sam is laying in bed...

i think that is all the new rules we came up with if i think of anymore i will add them to this post and if anyone can think of more that they think would be good comment this post and i might add them!

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  1. How about every time Sam says "Seriously Ron"

  2. Everytime Mike "The Situation" is holding or talking to the little white dog

  3. this is stupid. your dumb. i hate you. your blogging skillz are terrible.

  4. how about everytime ron and sam fight!!! lol you'll be really messed up!!!!

  5. every time a girl falls. (i.e: off a table at a club, onto the floor at home, into JWoww's dog kennel, at the beach, etc.)

  6. Good suggestions, but for this upcoming season i think we might have to pretty much rewrite the whole thing lol, a lot of the stuff from the season 1 drinking game do not really apply any more and there is plenty of newer things that could be added.

  7. Hey Strider Love the rules! Thought you might appreciate this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoIPac5FYX0

  8. How about every time Ron or Sam say 'we're done' or 'I'm done' to one another