July 22, 2011

Beer Pong Songs!

Ok, it has been quite a while since my last post, I have been working on several new exciting projects lately but I am here now!  And this time I thought that I would do a post about beer pong songs, there is a few that are often passed around on the BPong.com forums but I noticed while watching a few of the YouTube videos for those songs that there were quite a few others I had never heard before!  So without drawing out this post too much here is all the songs I could find that I thought were worth reposting, there were only a couple that I decided to leave out of this post but they were generally pretty bad quality or just did not sound good at all... anyway enjoy and do not forget to tell me what you think in the comments section below!

First of all I made a YouTube playlist with all of these songs on here that you can find by clicking here.

I tried to put them in order where the bottom of the list is the songs I have seen several times before and the songs closer to the top I think are newer less passed around songs but beyond that they are not in much of an order I just numbered them to help separate them.

1)  Here is a cool live performance of an original beer pong song by a YouTube user called iplayguitarokiguess but embedding the video was disabled by said user and it is an incomplete recording... still worth mentioning though. Click Here To Watch The Video!

2)  One of my favorite songs that I found is by a guy named Ty Nickles and like many of the others it is just called "Beer Pong Song"

3)  Another nicely done version that reminds me of right side of the tree a little bit.  From a group called Self Centered and its called Drink Up! (Thanks to TheRonLewis for posting this one on the forums)

4)  This one seems like one I would of heard by now but I had not so here it is. Stuart Webb - Beer Pong Song.

5)  The beat is nothing crazy, but it is a great song either way.  In my opinion probably one of the better ones I found. Beer Pong Champs by a guy who calls himself JDirty

6)  Ok I did not really like this song BUT the beat is sick (made mosty with sounds from pong balls) it was uploaded by YouTube user theKnetwork called "Shot After Shot."

7)  Cute girl (the goes by idiotbunnyproduction on YouTube) sucks at beer pong so much she has to write a song about it called "I Suck At Beer Pong Song," go show her some love on her video! (finally a beer pong song with someone not trying to act like they are the shit)

8)  Another chick (ashleythomas13 on YouTube) wrote her own version of the Beer Pong Song, another good one!

9)  Great song by a band called Weird is the New Cool that Asher Roth apparently stole "I Love College" from... or at least that is what the video description says! (Thanks to stones30 for posting this one on the forums)

10)  Here is a country Beer Pong Song called Beer Pong Saturday Night by the Chris Brazeal Band, I do not really care for country but it is a very well done song!

11)  A girl that goes by TheAwesomeNaomi on YouTube recorded her own short but sweet beer pong song.

12)  I am not really sure what genre this one is its like screamo/metal or something? I dont know but I thought it was pretty awesome just for being so different than a lot of the other beer pong songs it is by a band called Dr. Acula.

13)  This is by a group that I think is called CrunkRap preforming their beer pong song at someones party, I like the feel of the song.

14)  edwardmford5 on YouTube uploaded this beer pong song.

15)  Here is another by TheRealDickKam (YouTube: 1dickkam)

16)  For some reason this one is pretty catchy lol. Kover - Beer Pong Rap.

17)  Here is the rap version of Emety - Beer Pong, if you watch this on YouTube you can find the Techno and Rock versions of the same song.

18 & 19)  A guy named Tre Porter has a couple of his own Beer Pong Songs here they are!

20)  Beer Pong Champ by a guy who calls himself... Plan B, yeah well here it is!

21)  Despite being a little too long this one is not a bad song by the SDot Gang called Beer Pong Champions. (Thanks to Evaridae for posting this one on the forums)

22)  A slightly strange song by a guy named Jesse Flores called you guessed it! "Beer Pong Song."

23)  I pretty much love this song but im sure most of the users from BPong.com have already seen/heard this video which is why it is so far down the list. Either way its a great song called yup "The Beer Pong Song" by Strike Twelve. (Thanks to loloyopp and several others on the BPong forums for posting this one)

24)  Another one most people have probably heard by now Right Side of the Tree - Beer Pong Kings.

25)  I remember hearing this one a long time ago its called Beer Pong Anthem, no idea if this is an actual group or just some friends who made the song and vid all I know is the YouTube user that uploaded it is BeerAnthemPong.

26)  And here is the remix to the last song, I think Right Side of the Tree had something to do with this one. YouTube user NoCashCollegeKid uploaded the video but some of the guys in the video look like they are in RSotT.

Anyway if you have any others that you think should be included in this list send me a link in the comments section below!

February 27, 2011

Battle Shots!

I think i just found the next great american drinking game... its called "Battle Shots" and i have only seen a picture of two guys playing it so far i have not heard any official rules but i think i can do a pretty good job of coming up with some so here it goes!

2 pizza boxes or similar sized cardboard
- draw two 8x8 grids on each piece of cardboard one on the top half and one on the bottom half
- label the grids A-H along the top row (left to right) and 1-8 along the side (top to bottom)
6 shot glasses and a beverage to fill them with OR 6 beers of your choice
At least 2 markers so each player can mark their hits and misses (two each of different colors would be ideal but not needed)

Considering that I do not think a game of battleship usually takes much longer than say a half hour I cant see using more than like 6 shots and still be able to make it through a game... so i guess im going to go with you need to have 3 "boats".

Also since i tend to have beer around my apartment more often than liquor i will probably play with shotgunning beer instead of taken shots so that is an option for everyone. I also would not suggest filling the shot glasses all the way up (this game is probably a lot better in a picture than in practice but whatever!)

Battleship = 3 shot glasses in a line next to one another
Destroyer = 2 shot glasses in a line next to one another
PT Boat = 1 lone shot glass

To determine who goes first flip a coin or Paper, Rock, Scissors for it!

Just like battleship each player will place their 3 "boats" somewhere on the bottom grid and then take turns calling out letter and number combinations (eg. B4 would be the 2nd column 4th row down) to try and find the enemies ships.

The enemy will inform them if they have hit or missed a ship. If a ship is hit that shot (or beer) will be drank by the owner of the ship and then the person who just had to drink will continue with their guess.

Use the top grid to track your hit and missed guesses so you know where to try next.

after one player sinks all of the other players shots err "ships" the game is over but there will be at least 1 shot left on the other players side which you can decide on your own what to do with but the obvious answer according to most drinking games would be that the loser would have to drink it...

January 25, 2011

Jersey Shore Drinking Game (Season 3 Update)

Ok sorry for the delay but here are the rules i have added to the original jersey shore drinking game to keep it fun for season 2 and 3!

first off if you missed my old post here are the original rules i had:

First of all you have to start the game by watching the cast intros in the first episode every time it will definitely set the mood! after you have been introduced to each cast member you can go watch whatever episode you want.

While watching the show you must take a drink from your beer or mixed beverage every time someone:
Fist Pumps
Says "Guido" or "Guidette"
When Pauly is doing or fixing his hair
When Mike says "The Situation"
Anytime a guy has his shirt off
Anytime a girl is in a bikini top
Every time anything Ed Hardy is shown
Every time someone is working out
Every time there is a fight
Every time a girl gets hit you drink twice (if i girl gets hit you also drink for the fight so a total of 3 drinks)
You take one drink for every family member or friend that comes to visit (so when Snookies mom came to visit her that is one drink but when Vinny's family came its one per each person...)
When a girl is crying
And when Ronnie laughs

drink whenever Mike and Pauly bring a girl home (drink for each girl)

and the new rules we have added(so far) are:

drink everytime the "Cabs are here!!"
everytime "iiittt's tteeee shiiirrrttt tttiimmmeeeeeee!!!"
wherever someone refer's to them self or someone else as a "meatball"
everytime deena says "blast in a glass" or claims to be like a holiday
everytime mike turns deena down
everytime sam acts like a stuck up bitch
and everytime sam is laying in bed...

i think that is all the new rules we came up with if i think of anymore i will add them to this post and if anyone can think of more that they think would be good comment this post and i might add them!

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August 30, 2010

First WSOBP Bid!

OK people its official i have finally won my first World Series of Beer Pong VI bid thanks in big part to my partner for the tournament, the Marxman him self Brandon Marx! I would like to add i carried my own weight but i probably could not of done it without him(not very easily anyway lol) having him as a partner really helps take the pressure off so you do not have to worry if your partner will make his shots or not i gave me the benefit of only worrying about how i was doing!

So I will see the rest of my fellow pongers out in Vegas in January! Its beginning to look like Arizona will have a very good showing (for us at least) this year and i know at least between Arizona and Northern Cali it is going to be one huge party in the flamingo halls! lol now if we can try to get rooms next to each other...

So it looks like from here on out i need to start practicing more and try to stash away some money so i do not have to eat off the McDonald's dollar menu every day like i did last year... and i am sure it will be nice to have at least SOME play money while i am there.

So far i am still partner-less for this WSOBP but my partner has a pretty good chance in one of the next couple satellites so hopefully he can get a hold of his code soon so i know in time who i am playing with and if he cant i have a backup in line who is also trying to get his code and if they both follow through i have a third possibility so i am sure i will have a partner i just have NO idea when i will know who it is lol. (run-on sentence from hell and i do not care...)

Anyway i will try to do a short vlog each night after the tourney and before i get too drunk, ill try to get Chris from Fast Times Entertainment Beer Pong to come throw his two cents in and maybe Sonoma Joe and a few of those fellas plus ill try to keep some sort of live-ish updates going. And i am sure Barnes and Chris plus probably a handful of other people. hopefully bpong will have something in place this year as well but i am sure the community can do a decent job if we have some planning this time instead of trying to throw some stuff together last minute.

and now a couple videos to get us all a little more excited!

August 23, 2010

Man Etiquette...

OK i figured i would post about this topic while it is still very fresh in ALL of our minds... if you are an Arizona Ponger you know EXACTLY what i am talking about and if you are still lying to yourself pull your head out of your ass...

There has been many situations we all should have by now encountered with those girls who just try to get with everyone... normally you just kind of brush them off because well... they try to get with EVERYONE, including one(or two) of your good friends and ends up making them think more is going on besides just a hook up(for 10+ months...)

Coincidentally this exact situation has popped up within the past month or so, no biggie this stuff happens all the time... the problem is that all the "good friends" we know from beer pong instead of acting like good friends are resembling something closer to vultures than friends...

yeah yeah let me guess "but i am friends with both of them" yeah so was I... for about 3 days then i found out the rest of the story and guess what? i sided with the guy i have been friends with for months now.  The problem is that i cant say this about hardly ANYONE else in the AZ Pong community...

Look i get it she is cute i know this for a fact i agree with you BUT anyone with have an ounce of confidence in themselves know for a fact they will find another one of her in LESS than a month.  I guess i can see that most of you do not have confidence in your social skills at least not around girls because most of you are acting like this is not a big deal...

All of you that this apply's to, i have lost respect for you, severely... no need to apologize but you know what needs to be done and you need to learn how to set your priorities...


im out...

July 29, 2010

AZ Beer Pong

Ohh shit the "Mostly About Beer Pong Blog" has two, thats right TWO posts in a row about beer pong! How crazy is that??

This one is not about some partying that followed beer pong or about any big tournaments we just got done playing in though... This post is addressing the decline of AZ beer pong or at least the community that follows it.

When i started coming out i already knew the rules, me and my friends had been playing the WSOBP rules exclusively in our parties just in preparation of the world series. So of course since i already knew what i was doing i was not at much of a disadvantage when i played in the first two satellites that were ever hosted in AZ or even when i started playing in the weekly tournaments. I actually think i might of been a little better when i started coming out due to my confidence levels.

The regulars were all very nice and supportive, they very quickly accepted me as one of their own. I loved every bit of it, it was like being in one big brotherhood where everyone had the same goal to play in the world series and did everything they could to encourage each other to get better so we(as a state) could be one of the big competitors at the WSOBP. This was before we had all decided who the "Best players in AZ" were, we were all essentially equal in each others minds..

Naturally over time we have pretty much all agreed on who the best players are and since then the "brotherhood" if you will has disintegrated. No longer do people try to encourage each other to get better or try to challenge each other to be the best in the country. Instead it has turned into a free for all where the top 5 or so players runs their mouth during every game until they come out on top. When anyone made a shot you used to hear "nice shot man" and we would keep going, but now-a-days you will most likely hear something more like "eat a dick bitch im running three next turn you dont have a chance." ...or something along those lines anyway. Most people applaud their opponents missed shots rather than their made shots, once again this is great, when we play Cali or Vegas or something but not when you are all on the same team!

Now don't get me wrong i understand that if we want to do good in the world series or other big tournaments, we need to get used to the shit talking because it is impossible to avoid at such big tournaments. It just seems to me like other states or cities are closer than we are anymore. If someone talks shit to one of our players we have their back 300% but when it comes to making each other better we have each others back about 10% of the time. It has came down to pretty much just me encouraging other players when they make shots against me and everyone else in my group of "friends" rooting against my team or trying to get us to fuck up when we are doing good...

To anyone who plays with us, how often do you hear people rooting against Luckey and Josh when they play together? how about Risky Mormon? OK now how often do you hear people try to fuck Pizzi and I up when we play together or root against us? if you say its even you are deaf or in denial... I am not saying that Pizzi and I are on the same level as Josh and Luckey or anything i am just saying i do not understand why we continue to build up the best players and tear down or discourage the players that are not quite at their level yet. Wouldn't it make more sense to have as many players as possible at that level so when we go to big tournaments such as the world series we have more of a presence so we are laughed at when we try to claim that we can hang with the best?

Im sorry I guess I just miss the comradery we used to have, it is still there but at a fraction of the strength that it used to be. Anyway i am just ranting now... to end my rant i probably will not see most of you at the weekly tournaments much, at least not for a while. I would much rather spend my money on a night out at the tilted kilt without all the BS and practice at home in my spare time. So good luck to you all and I am sure I will see most of you at any satellites that I get a chance to play in.

And now I leave you with a few pictures(and even a small video) from that first satellite that was hosted here in AZ!

July 27, 2010

Best Of The West

OK since this IS the "Mostly About Beer Pong Blog" i figure i should post SOMETHING about beer pong on it lol so here it goes.

This weekend was the Best of the West tourney here in Phoenix, AZ. Where teams from the western half of the country came to compete to see who is the best squad, we had three teams from AZ, one from nor cal, one from so cal, there was an El Paso team and a Vegas team... i think that was all if i forgot anyone then you were probably pretty terrible. Nor Cal came out on top beating our #1 AZ team, Vegas took 3rd and the #2 AZ team got 4th.

Heres a short video that our friends from El Paso captured(and possibly altered a tiny bit) of a heated argument between Matt and Ham about who won the side tournament for the "Drunkest Man at BOW"

Click "Read more" to see the rest of our stupid antics the days after the BOW while a few Nor Cal stuck around phx for a couple extra days cuz they were just having too much fun.